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Tarot Reading: Tarot cards do not work

When it comes to a psychhub reading Tarot, many think of a woman with a turban and a lumpy pimp. Today it’s not like that anymore, there are a lot of professionals who integrate their studies, even academics as in my case, with the ancient art of divination and cartomancy.

What is cartomancy?

It is an ancient method of divination made by consulting a deck of cards that can be Italian or French cards , Tarot cards or Oracles.

Tarot Reading: When is it better not to be Tarot read? Are psychic readings similar to Tarot reading?

As you may know, you can read the Tarots since you are young, today here is a  private consultations and I teach Courses to teach Reading Tarots.

On the websites of psychic readings you can find articles, public videos on the Youtube Channel and also the Tarot Academy, a private group on Facebook entirely dedicated to the study of the Tarot.

Experts can tell you with absolute conviction that the Tarot is a reliable and valuable guide, but in full respect of the Law of the Paradox, they work if you believe it.

Tarot cards work for whom:

  • He wants to face the best the situation that he cares
  • he approaches with respect and humility and welcomes the message of the Cards as a gift
  • he treasures what the Tarot Reading has revealed to him
  • will follow the suggestions so as to make the most of the experience that lives

Tarot cards DO NOT work for whom:

  • he does not believe in the Tarot
  • he has little confidence in this tool
  • ask a test reading to see “if they work”
  • is looking for answers to vague and confusing questions
  • he is in a state of anxiety and confusion
  • look for a scapegoat
  • he is not willing to follow the advice of the Tarot and to act in the first person to co-create his own destiny
  • look for a prediction instead of a guide

The Tarot do not foresee the future

The Tarot does not foresee the future, if by future we mean something already decided. The Tarot foresees the future, but a probable future.

It starts from a question, which must be clear and precise, and the tarot cards predict what will happen in response to the question posed by how things are at the time when Tarot Reading is performed.

For this reason the Tarot cards are a help, they are the possibility of making an analysis of the present by taking a look at one of the possible futures.

If what you say the cards you like and is what you want to achieve then follow the advice received to maintain the conditions and ensure that what is presented by the tarot.

If instead the one provided by the Tarot is not what you want then do everything to change the current conditions and try to reach a different outcome.