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The dangers of Spiritualism – by Don Marcello Stanzione

Christianity has always had to fight against spiritual doctrines since its inception. The evocation of the dead, the filter of Spiritism, is nowadays widely practiced by the middle and upper bourgeoisie in search of strong emotions such as can give the appearance or even the voice of “disembodied spirits”, evoked by mediums online in trance.

To summon the dead to ask them for advice, information, prophecies, or to placate their anger, is a custom as old as the world.  The worship of the souls of the ancestors with offerings and foods to honor them and obtain their help was practiced in China and India, as well as by the Greeks and Romans.

The episode that marked the beginning of modern Spirits and systematic studies in the par psychological field occurred in 1848. The events took place in the United States. The Fox couple with their two teenage daughters Kate and Margaret took up residence in a house that had been uninhabited for some years, because every night from its walls came loud and inexplicable strokes. The arrival of the Fox family gave new vigor to the strange phenomenon and soon the blows against the walls were added screams, gasps and the sound of a body dragged down, towards the cellar, along the stairs. Not at all frightened, the two Fox sisters then turned directly to the entity, inviting her to converse with them through a precise code of shots, what is still used today for the three-legged “table”. The beaten spirit answered and said he was the spirit of a peddler who, years before, had asked and obtained hospitality in that house where at that time a certain Bell lived and that he had been killed by him for the purpose of robbery and buried in cellar. He also indicated the point where, according to him, his body could be found. Excavations were carried out immediately to check the truthfulness of the entity’s claims and in fact human hair and bones were found. However, the definitive confirmation would have been more than fifty years later: in 1904, in that same cellar, a wall collapsed, which highlighted a double wall in which other bones were found and a traveling vendor’s box. Probably Bell had initially buried the man under the ground, then for greater security he had placed the body and the box in the specially constructed double wall. The fact caused a huge stir: all the newspapers and politics took care of it. Through an occult contact, a murder had been discovered, which had been ignored until then: an important confirmation that gave truth to the whole affair.

What is Spiritism? 

The doctrine founded on the existence, the manifestations and the teaching of the spirits”. According to this doctrine, a spirit is the imperishable spiritual principle of man, his soul, which however is enclosed in the body by means of an astral body or “perispirit”. The perisprit is a subtle body formed by a set of vibrations: a vital fluid that manifests the great cosmic energy. The perispirit, being a kind of duplication of our physical body, carries all traces, such as illness or well-being. For the spiritualists, therefore, the perisprit would be the best intermediary between the material world (the physical body) and the spiritual world (the soul). At the moment of death, the physical body becomes corrupted and disappears.