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Tarot queries with a true clairvoyant. To throw the tarot cards, it is advisable to use the cards in special places, a table properly prepared, with candles, incense, some very relaxing music, there are no inflexible rules, you should only treat the cards with respect as well as any other query. Having knowledge of phone psychic readings will help you out in going great in this career.

The method itself is simple, but requires great will, to begin with you must study and memorize very well, the meaning of each letter, although some letters can mean different situations.

Another important observation to throw the tarot cards, is to learn as many methods of consultation as possible. This will grant the tarotista great visualization power, so that as they increase their queries, the psychic ability will increase and the predictions will be very complete and more varied when shooting the tarot cards, establishing some unconscious communication between the consultant and the consulted , this implies that at this level the letters that can answer the problem of the consultant are chosen.

Considerations to keep in mind when throwing tarot cards

When you are starting in this job, when you throw away the tarot cards, you should always write down the question, because the tendency is to forget the exact form in which it was formulated. A high degree of concentration is also recommended so that the consultant is paying attention to the questions he is asking. In this way, it will be very easy for you to transmit your energy about the problem you are asking.

When throwing the tarot cards, the cards should be mixed and cut very well, keeping in mind that this action should be repeated each time a question is asked.

Tips and recommendations

You can consult yourself, without consequences, nothing happens, but it is always better, that the reading is done by another person , because you would not be very objective and seek to find an explanation “accommodated” about your present, which surely is not real or it looks like the problem or the circumstance raised.

By throwing the Tarot cards, you will get silly answers to silly questions. The Tarot will answer us firmly, when you ask it firmly. Finally you must always remember that when throwing the tarot cards, there are no good or bad cards , it all depends on the question and the interpretation capacity of the tarot player.

Who can cast the Tarot?

The Tarot is a group of letters, arcane , destined to try to predict the future; this would be the simple and logical answer to the question you ask. This group of letters has a mystical and mysterious past that is what you will try to sketch, in this way, you will get a little closer to the essence of this sacred art.

Tirar las cartas del Tarot – Tarot Carmen Camino

At this point, you can ask yourselves:

  • Who is qualified to cast the Tarot?
  • Does anyone have the power to do it?
  • Only fortune tellers or clairvoyants can take the Tarot with guarantees?
  • Can you lay your cards yourself ?

The answer you give is that any person, whatever their condition, can cast the Tarot . Now, it is clear – apart from the extrasensory faculties you may have – that the greater the culture, knowledge and experience of the cartomancer, the more qualified you will be to interpret the sheets you choose, and follow the simple methods that you give in this book or the more complex than I can draw from other treaties.